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 Rules before applying!

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PostSubject: Rules before applying!   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:43 pm

Before you apply, please read these rules.
1.) Read the rules that are also on the profile if you have not already.
2.) Each job may have a specified date in which they have to turn in some thing to the owner. You must have it ready and turned in by that specified date.
3.) Everything that is to be turned in is to be turned in via message, excluding the promoter. This is because the owner will not give out the email address and password.
4.) Please respect all staff members. If there is any drama, I will take both parties off of the staff.
5.) With that said, if you have any conflicts with anything, please contact the owner via message.
6.) There will probably be different rules with your specified job that you are looking out for, so read those as well.
7.) There isn’t a specific amount of jobs you can apply for, just make sure you keep up with everything on each one.
8.) Add the owner so that she can message or comment you without having to log in on here all of the time.
9.) Do not have your message sent to away, or you will be automatically denied.
10.) Every staff member needs to be familiar with html.
11.) (Optional, excluding promoter and sitemodel, but major points if you do :3) It would be much appreciated if you put a link to the page on any page you have if you are excepted.
12.) Do not put your application in a comment of the specified thread, make your own thread post.
13.) Sign below in a blog comment saying that you understand these rules and the rules of whatever you are applying for.
14.) I will be pming you a quiz after you are accepted into the FIRST ROUND >:p So answer that within the week of being accepted.
P.S. Have fun~!

Please sign in the comments below that you understand these rules before applying.
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Rules before applying!
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