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 Food Blogger Application.

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PostSubject: Food Blogger Application.   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:52 pm

The food blogger looks up different recipes and what not of different dishes from the Asian culture and tries them out, then takes or finds pictures of said dish and blogs about it (basically reviews it, or just blogs about it in general.) If they made the food and blog about it, and some one asks for a tutorial or recipe on how to make it, then you will most likely have to make it if said so by the owner, or at your own free will. The food blogger can also go to Asian cuisine restaurants and try out some dishes there, then blog and review the quality of the restaurant and the food. You may also have to find ways to accommodate different dishes into the different meals each person has per day. Pictures are definite big point score when it comes to blogging about food.

1.) I expect you to have a good eye for food and have a few places in your area where you can eat a certain cuisine. (Your blog does not have to be revolved around said restuarants)
2.) Study up on any type of cuisine you do not know about.
3.) Not only will you have a blog, but it will also be featured in the magazine.
4.) You will have 3 warnings if you miss a deadline. After your three warnings, I will kick you off the staff team.
5.) If the owner adds a new rule to this, then she will contact you in a comment.
- Name
- What is your favorite Asian cuisines?
- Are there any types of cuisine you do not want to blog about for any reason? (ie: allergies?)
- Would you be able to make or write out tutorials (with pictures) if requested by the owner?
- Are there any websites you use a preference to look up recipes or just to look at the food? If so, what are they?
- If there is a set deadline by which something needs to be turned in, what is the probability that you will have it in?
- How often are you online?
- Anything else you’d like to add that is not stated about?

Please put application in another post. Use the comments only to say you understand these rules. If you post your application in the comments, I will not consider you applicable. Also, if you have not signed the all around rules, I will not consider your application applicable until you do so.
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Food Blogger Application.
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